New work on film - Lamp Songs

(15 minutes 39 seconds)


Lamp Songs was created in July and August 2021. This work started as a sound piece inspired by the sounds of a halogen lamp. The songs originated from a short recording which was then processed through different effects. As happened with other works it became apparent that it could also make an interesting audio/visual piece which quickly came together over a few days.

Screenshot 2021-11-02 at 18.12.36.png

Recent Exhibition - Balham Library

18th September - 7th October 2019


The exhibition was an opportunity to see six new paintings done between 2014 to 2019 (see Work) and marked a departure from previous work in terms of mark making and use of colour although the seventeen inch square continues as a basic format. Also on show were two films (see Works on Film) ‘See the bird fly’ with a soundtrack by Maximum Density of Sound [MDoS] (Julia Schauerman and Stephanie Webber) and ‘Electricity’. The paintings were accompanied by descriptions created by Cee Sullivan.

Photo: by Lita

Private view.jpeg